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What A Babe!

Call in your dedications to
459-9374   459-WERG
area code 814

Listen for the "Grind" Sunday 12:30am with Mike West, and again at 2:00am for "Special Deliveries" with the Maleman.

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  Erie's number one weekend radio program with 20 + years of volunteer service. The only broadcast source for total urban programming in the greater Erie area. Whether its Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae or Gospel, you're sure to find it on Super Soul.

Saturday Programs
Kenny E .. 12am - 5am with Jazz and RnB
Jim Christopher .. 5am - 8am with RnB and Classic Soul
Timmie Mack .. 8am - 11am with The Greatest Hits of Your Time & Mine
Lee Smith .. 11am - 2pm with Strong Songs
Bobby K .. 2pm - 5pm with RnB and Blues
The Captain/Chilly J .. 5pm - 8pm with Hip Hop Rnb and Acid Jazz
Mr. J .. 8pm - 11pm with Smooth Jazz and The Soft Spot
Mike West .. 11pm - 2am with The Best RnB Jams On The Planet

Sunday Programs
The Maleman .. 2am till 6am with Special Delivery RnB
Dorothy Smith Frazier .. 6am till 9am with Sunday Morning Gospel

Upcoming events, interviews, special celebrations, and other information of interest is broadcast regularly throughout the day.

Supporting Cast:
Charmalene Ulmer (Gospel), Boo, Monte, EZ Bank, & Nino

Production: "The Voice"

For sponsorship or general information call:
814.870.1249 or 814.452.6348

Or write to:
Super Soul Saturday, C/O Lee Smith, PO Box 1772, Erie, PA 16507.

Record Service for R&B, Hip Hop, Blues, Gospel, Contemporary and Acid Jazz are welcomed from all major labels as well as independents.
Super Soul Saturday, PO Box 1772, Erie, PA 16507.

Download and Listen to Supersoul Promo's in MP3!

Super Soul ID (152kb)
Super Soul Legal ID (245kb)
Mike West ID (173kb)

For more info check out these DJ's Websites!

Mike West
EZ Bank

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