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A Brief History

   Super Soul Saturday has been a part of WERG-FM since its inception at Gannon University in 1972. What started out as a student involvement project has spread to the community with the changing of WERG from a campus radio station to a full 3,000 watts FM station.

   In 1979 with the closing of the OIC segment of WQLN's "Soul Q", A.J. Miceli, chairman of the department of theatre and communications arts program at Gannon University was approached by Bobby "K" Kaigler about the possibility of joining Homer "Lee" Smith on saturdays. Because of his commitment to giving a distinct alternative to the Erie community in broadcasting, Mr. Miceli gave his Okay. Within the month, James "Jim Christopher" Eaton was added to form what has become the nucleus of Super Soul Saturday. With the coming of the new school year in the fall of 1979, five others were added and WERG went overnight on friday's and Super Soul Saturday gradually became Super Soul weekend. The Super Soul Saturday program has evolved from programming to one segment of the community to providing programming, information and music beneficial and enjoyable to the entire Erie community. This has been done through the tutelage of Mr. Miceli, Mr. Steve Bohen, and Mr. Tom Weber.

   The current staff includes Bobby Kaigler, program director; Homer Smith, Sponsorship Director/Music Director; Dorothy Smith, Gospel Host; Danny Jones, Jazz Host; Timmie McConnell, Host of The Greatest Hits Show; Kevin Graves; James Eaton; Curtis Jones; John Norton; Mike Carbone; Beary Clark; Steve Mooney; Ed Brooks; Anthony "Nino" Carlgren; Charmalene Ulmer; Curtis Lofton; Viki Feidler; Edna Smith; and Bernadette Baker "The Voice".

   Several former Super Soul Saturday Program personalities and some of the current staff have gone on to work for local as well as major radio and television markets throughout the country. some of those persons include Winston "Sony" Ellis (1975) who worked at WUFO and WKBW in Buffalo, NY; Dione Clark (1975) worked at television stations in both New York City and Atlanta; Steve Collins (1975) worked at radio stations WRIE, WCCK/K-104 in Erie, Pa. before leaving to work at KDIA and KBLX in San Francisco and Berkely, California; Ken Darby (1976) has worked with several television stations in Florida, and Harry Hairston (1977) worked for radio station WQLN, TV stations WSEE and WICU before joining the Fox Television Network in Detroit, Michigan. James "Jim Christopher" Eaton has worked with WQLN, WEYZ, WLVU, and WBLQ, and is currently affiliated with WXKC/Classy 100; Several current staff were employed with ICC Cable FM and WBLQ/AM-1400, They Include Homer "Lee" Smith; Bobby K; Timmie Mack; Danny "Mr. J" Jones; The Captain; John"Chilly J" Norton and Dorothy Smith.

   Mike Carbone (Mike West) joined Super Soul Saturday after working with and producing Mix Shows and re-mixing music for WBLK-FM, Buffalo, NY. CING-FM/Energy 108 in Toronto, Canada along with several other radio stations nationwide. Mike West was awarded Top Mix DJ in the US in 1990 by Westwood One Radio Network after winning their nationwide Club Mix Competition.

   Others who have participated with Super Soul Saturday Program include the late Michael Simmekjaer (Michael Walker Luv) and Tony Mickens (T.N.T.) as well as Larry Glenn (Dream Weaver); William Heard (Bill Heard); Mark Davidson (The Music Doctor/Speedo); Larry Wall (The Fall Guy); Toni Stanko (Lady T); Gloria Saunders (G Lynn); Rose Cosby (Gospel); Bruce Stagg (Cut Em' Loose Bruce);Marc Moore (Mighty Marc); Maura Moore (Mo Love); Tracey McCants (Tracey Renee); Michael Allen (Mellow Man) presently with Black Entertainment Television/BET; Mary Gavin (Honey Brown); Jo Ann Perrin; Parris Baker (Sweet P);Caleb Gaston; Kevin "Fly" Wood; Terrol Vaughn; Joe Deboe; Kelvin Warren; Randy Coleman; Lydia Coleman Vactor: Ferris Bruton: Michelle Lomax (Sweet Angelique);Glenda Vaughn;(Gospel); Antonio Moore: Kevin Carroll and Constance Sayles.

   From those early years of student involvement at a college campus station, the present Super Soul Saturday Program has expanded into a (31) hour block format consisting of music (R&B, Gospel, Classic Soul, Blues, Jazz, Rap, Club, House, and Hip Hop), public service and community oriented information including the PNC Credit Show, Salute to Minority Businesses (UJAMAA) and the CHRB housing program "Building Strong Communities".

   Super Soul Saturday airs on WERG/Energy FM-90 at 2:00 am Saturday morning until 9:00 am Sunday morning. We invite you to tune in and experience a blend of musical programming, community announcements, business and entrepreneurial ideas in addition to the promotion of the positive life experiences in the Erie minority and greater Erie communities.

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